Lost Life

23rd November 2016

Lost Life



How it turns your friends from good to bad

How their old bright happiness turns to something so mad

Because days ago you knew them so well

Then suddenly they’re making your life like hell


The insanity that exists in your every school days

As people around you start their messed up ways

They pressure you in and drag you around

They laugh at you in front of the abusive crowd


They say they didn’t mean it, that it was just a joke

But tomorrow they make you feel nothing but broke

Nothing but unkindness, nothing but tears

As you wished you had stayed in your primary school years


The years that were simple, as if the world was kind

Little did you know that your world would decline

Since when did the world become so corrupt

This change in society is way to abrupt


Where is the kindness, where is the love

Where is the peace represented by the dove

How has everyone become so brutally blind

By the evil that evolves in the corners of their mind


The inescapable pain knowing your friends are gone

Knowing the evil inside them has well and truly won

The friends that had loved you and treated you fair

Are now nothing but dust in the cold chilling air


Is it only me who sees this reality in life

How society and popularity can kill you with a knife

Have you changed so much that you’ve forgotten who you were

Has your old sparkling life become nothing but a blur


Has society engulfed us down this much

Have you really forgotten the life I so wished you had clutched

I have lost too many friends, I don’t want to lose more

So go back through your life and open another door




By Anna Cleden.

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