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Soul Survivor 2015

26th August 2015


We've been amazed at how much our young people just love Soul Survivor.  Sleeping in tents, and queueing for showers wouldn't normally seem the formula for attracting teenagers; but Soul Survivor offers something that other camping experiences doesn't...  the opportunity to meet God in a real and tangible way.  


There are two meetings a day where 9000 worship and learn together.  Our young people were able to worship in a way they love.  There's nothing quite like seeing so many teenagers actually enjoying worship - singing their hearts out, dancing with abandon, and then responding to whatever the Holy Spirit is doing.  


There was laughter, tears, and for some they spent quite some time simply knocked over in the power of the spirit.  "Is it all God?", asked Mike Pilavachi, the leader of Soul Survivor, "no, probably not; but I'd rather have a little chaos in our our meetings, than make it all neat and tidy and preventing God from doing what he wants to do".  It felt crazy at times - people everywhere being touched by the power of God.  But it felt like a safe place.  It was God's family being touched by God.  Our young people were praying together, laughing and crying together, and ultimately becoming closer to each other and to God. Just great.


We've been involved with Soul Survivor from several years now, and every year we're amazed that God turns up and touches our teenagers in such a real and tangible way.  Roll on 2016!

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