Connect Groups
Building relationships. Building faith.
The Dorchester Family Church is built around connect groups, these groups are the very life of the Church.

Church is more than just a Sunday meeting, during the week people meet in groups at local homes, in Dorchester and the surrounding villages. Our meetings are opportunities to strengthen our friendships, encourage one another, discuss how the Bible affects us today, and to worship God and pray. They are relaxed, real and relevant to our everyday lives.

Connect Group Leaders 2018


Connect Group Vision

Our vision is to establish connect groups in the towns and villages around Dorchester, with the desire to reach into the local communities with the gospel and love of God. We want to build a caring community, a family who cares, loves and supports one another. Three things we ask connect leaders to encourage:
-  Caring for one-another 
-  Training future connect leaders
-  Getting involved in an outreach activity 

How Do I Join A Connect Group?

If you are interested in joining a connect group, please contact us.
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